PlasmaDerm® – Innovative in wound healing stimulation and germ reduction

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Annual conference of the German Society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons and of the German Association of aesthetic plastic surgeons
13th to 15th September

CINOGY presents the PlasmaDerm® therapy based on "direct cold plasma". In wound healing and prevention our patented process by di_CAP® finds its application. Test directly PlasmaDerm® at our booth!

Booth No 72
RuhrCongress Bochum
Stadionring 20
44791 Bochum

CINOGY GmbH specialises on the development and production of innovative, plasma-based processes and products for application in medicine and cosmetics.

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The user-friendly PlasmaDerm® medical device family is designed for local treatment of wound healing disturbances.

Fields of application for PlasmaDerm®

Thanks to our close cooperation and continuous exchange with leading partners in research and development, we can now provide PlasmaDerm® for clinical use and home care treatment.

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In physics, plasma is considered as the non-classical or fourth physical state of the matter, next to solid, liquid, and gaseous.

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99 % of the visible matter in our universe is made up of plasma.

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Plasma has been used in modern medicine for a long time.

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